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ANKE  was born and raised in Holland. She has a BA Degree in  Education and an advanced  Degree in Cultural Work from the Social Academy of Amsterdam. 

She started her career as an Elementary School Teacher and  then went on to complete her advanced degree in Cultural Work.

For more then two years ANKE immersed herself in a self designed cultural research program where  she obtained hands on experiences working at all levels of the social strata. Her purpose was to get  'street-smarts' and better understanding of people.   

Then, for more then 10 years, she was instructor and therapist at a school for physically and mentally challenged children in Holland.  

Now living in the United States, she is an Inspirational Speaker and works as a Life Coach and Care Coach. She is the author of several Inspirational Books for adults and children and the founder of the Woolly Wizard Program, Self help kit for kids.



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