Two Cups of Joy a day Feeling Alive Series

JOY Program
Pay it forward

"How can I focus on Joy when I am diagnosed with breast cancer again...," my friend asked me with a sad, agitated voice."

She had participated in my KEY to JOY workshops and she questioned me ' how the heck' she could  feel  joy every day now that she was facing these grim circumstances again. She challenged me to be her Joy Coach!

When I visited her for the first time after her diagnosis, I found her house in total disarray...... . It was scattered with books about cancer, healthy diets, vitamins, prescription drugs, etc, etc. I asked her: "Where is the Joy in all of this? How can you focus on your strengths while you are surrounded by everything that weakens you... ? Your body  experiences cancer at this moment but You, the spirit does not have cancer! So let's focus on what makes YOU feel alive, then you will have more courage to deal with these tough challenges."  

We re-arranged her home and I  asked her to connect at least two times a day with something that would give her joy and inspiration. Doing that would help her to face her circumstances.

And so the Program
Two Cups of JOY a Day was born. My friend urged me afterwards to share this program with others.


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Joy is 
where your heart is,
where you 
feel at 
your best


"During my battle with breast cancer, you helped me to move through the fear to see what was really going on so I could stay in the present moment. Yes we have a right to enjoy life. Thank you for reminding us Anke."