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This is a handbook for baby boomers intended as helpful hints and suggestions to assist you in the last stages of your parentsí life. You will recognize certain situations, but of course, not all parents age at the same rate. Some stay with us alert and independent till their last breath, others need help; some resist the aging process, others age gracefully.

                  Care Coaching   

This is a wise and beautiful book, offering all who read it a refreshing and practical clarity on caring for elders in our families and communities. Anke's personal in-depth experiences caring for her mom and many years as a Care Coach inspire us to realize how we can prepare for and fully participate in the precious last years of a loved one's life.
Barbara Yamasaki, L.M.P.

"Gee ANKE, this is only the first printout of your book and I don't send it back to you because I am already using the principles you mention in your new book. You are compassionate and have great insights. Good luck!"
Marijke V. Travel Agent.

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